Guidance for Internships

Hello Friends!!

This post was intended for students pursuing their undergraduate studies at various colleges/universities located in india, which would guide them towards acquiring an internship during the summer vacations.

There are a number of ways by which you can grab an intern position at a university/college in the field of your interest that’s suits you best. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Through a reference by faculty:- The institute you study in must have some renowned personality like some Distinguished Professors, Training/Placement officer for you to get a good recommendation to apply for an internship. They may help you in a way that they forward your application of internship to the designated authority responsible for providing internship opportunities. It may be beneficial for you in a sense that the person who is evaluating your internship application might be more attracted towards your application because of the weightage it carries due to the recommendation of esteemed faculty member. So, in this way you can get along with your so-called “Dream Project” that you were thinking since your first year in the college.
  • Through internship programs of organizations:- There are large amount of institutes that take a good number of students as there intern based on student abilities & skills. They publish the internship advertisement on their official websites/webpages and form there you can download the application or fill the application and submit it online. There a good chance you would be selected for internship if the competition level is not really high. So, in these application procedures, if you are lucky, you could get an chance to do a project at the most favorable place or the place that suits you the most. But keep praying that you would not get a competitor that might grab your seat and you are left empty-handed.
  • Through direct contact(regular interaction with the professor/chairperson):- This way also works quite often if you know a professor who is well-known and could provide you some of his personal connections to ask them for the available opportunites at their esteemed institutions. So, you should be an excellent student in the eyes of the professor so that he will not have to hesitate much for providing you with his personal contacts.
  • Establishing contact through a Conference:- There a hundreds of conferences happening round the globe on day-t0-day basis. If you are capable(Financially) and dedicated to attend the conference, choose one of them that interests you the most and attend that conference. There in the conference you will meet a number of people(professors, professionals) that might be working in the field of your interest. Just, straightforwardly, approach these people & ask them about their current research interests. If they suits or looks you helping in some way or other, just ask them to involve you with them in their current project. Its more likely that they will ask you to send them an email personally describing your research interest along with your curricular vitae that will indicate your capabilities, achievements and dedication towards this work. So, do not hesititate while approaching these people out there. This is one of the best way to get a chance for internship in any National(or International) Institute(or Laboratory) and will help you in shaping your career in the desired direction or way.

Few of the Internships programs i am aware of are as follows:-

  1. SURGE(IIT Kanpur)
    (Application Procedure is now open for Non-IIT Kanpur students)
  2. IIT-Madras Summer Fellowship Programme
    (Applications are closed)
  3. IIT Delhi Fellowship Programme
    (Application procedure is not yet started. Keep checking Regularly)
  4. IIT Gandhinagar Summer Research Programme
    (Application procedure is not yet started. Keep checking Regularly)
  5. Summer Internship(IIT Bombay)
    (Applications are closed)
  6. Summer Internship Programme at IIIT-Bangluru
    (Applications are closed)
  7. GIPEDI- in association with IIT Delhi
    (Application procedure started for the year 2013)
  8. Summer Intenship(IIT Roorkee)
    (Application procedure is not yet started. Keep checking Regularly)
  9. Summer Internship(IIT Guwahati)
    (Applications are invited)
  10. Undergraduate Research & Innovation Program (UGRI- 2013 by IIT Rajasthan)
    (Applications are invited)

Most of you might be confused yet about where and how to apply for internships. Ask me in case of any query regarding the same. Check out the Mailing details in the Contacts section of this blog.

Best Wishes!!

-Admin(Gaurav Narula)

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing”


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